JUNE 2017 – Wildlife Monitoring Courses held in Kamloops/Prince George

If you are interested in working as a wildlife monitor for industry in remote locations – then register for this course.


Monitoring for Wildlife

Bear and other wildlife monitoring for any size crew in remote locations.

Remote Worksites and Camp Locations

Employed by Oil and Gas, Mining and Forest Industry to ensure worker safety

Bear Safety and Control

Experience in wildlife control, hazard assessment & bear safety protocols

Fully trained and compliant employees

We employ staff who demonstrate an awareness of environmental issues

Why Hire Backcountry Wildlife Monitoring?


Backcountry Wildlife Monitoring Ltd (BCWM) has developed a non lethal diversionary approach to wildlife and bear encounters. Using our local and on the ground knowledge of bear patterns and historical movement we can identify risk management issues and provide a complete employee safety program.

Our program includes a set of documented procedures with the primary focus on worker safety, stewardship and conservation initiatives.

Contact us to see how our unique and qualified approach can ensure your employees safety even under remote working conditions.

Backcountry Wildlife Monitoring has extensive experience in wildlife management and security specializing in non-lethal wildlife monitoring methods.

Mark Werner – President

  • 35 years of hunting and outdoor experience

  • Owner/operator of 3 guide outfitting territories

  • Past President of the Guide Outfitters Association of BC

  • Past President of BC Fishing Resorts and Outfitter Association

  • 15 years of security consulting (level 3)

  • Licenced and bonded private investigator

  • Director of security patrol and loss prevention

  • Canadian Game Trackers Association Wounded Game Tracking Experts

  • Certified CORE Instructor

  • Licensed Trapper and Renowned Wildlife Conservation Speaker


Wildlife Control

BCWM strives to balance worker safety and conservation of wildlife by taking an active approach to managing threats.


Provide training services in wildlife control, bear aware, safety compliance and wilderness survival for your on site supervisors.


We can custom design a program that ensures your company operations can proceed without sacrificing worker safety


Visit and assess your on-site operations in remote locations ensuring that your safety plans are in compliance with worksafe BC.

Ensure WorkSafe BC regulations are followed on your remote worksites

We provide trained Wildlife Control Monitors with all necessary equipment and vehicles

Wildlife Monitor Job

Wildlife Monitors are required to work in remote areas and provide safety and hazard assessment in advance of field workers. Wildlife monitors will be required to travel to site or work from an industrial camp. There is a high danger component to the position.